This episode features Jordan Frye from Urban Rescue and their song Up From The Ashes. Also, Michael Nelder’s poetry is featured as well.  We look at the infiltration of the kingdom of heaven in our world and in our hearts.

Michael Nelder’s poem from Up From The Ashes by Urban Rescue:

dear God
it’s hard for me to rest
when everything inside
beats so fast
hard for me to accept love
when all i’ve ever known
are heart attacks
and heart failures
cardiac arrest
You see
i’m not used to being healthy
just making sure everyone thinks i am
but who am i?
i always ask myself the question,
why this fearful heart
can’t accept Your reckless invitations?
and maybe i’ve seen too many
brave hearts get executed
and i’m afraid to be next
got all this pain locked inside
but i don’t know how to open up my chest
so just leave me to myself
cause it hurts to get cut
except every time that happens
i self destruct
i lie
i hate
i blame
hurt everyone that i love
like, what’s wrong with me?
God, am i allergic to love?
Your love,
please help me to receive it
like medicine for this low grade fever
cause i’m so tired
of feeling sick and tired
out of control
like the soul
that will never be treated
but i heard You love healing broken things
if i step back and surrender all the pieces
and You promise to give me something whole in return
if all i had to give was a few mustard seeds
and a little bit of faith
a little bit of hope
a little bit of trust
i have to believe
it’s enough
a little bit of faith
a little bit of hope
a little bit of trust
i have to believe
it’s enough
for You to start
also for You to finish
i’ll get out of the way
while You handle Your business
i’ll lose control
while You handle my senses
i give You all of me
take away my defenses
so God
i’m running back to the start
i won’t run anymore
You won my heart


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