Be My Guest

because God in your story encourages other believers

An open invitation to my

heroes & friends

I’ve invited you here for a reason.

When I started this podcast, it was to encourage believers, hoping that they would discover a facet of the love of God through my brokenness and the way that God has ministered to me through words & phrases.

As the weeks have gone on, it feels like the podcast lacks a depth that can only come from breadth.

My story is only so deep.

My years are only so long.

And I know, that God has carried you, healed you and helped you in small phrases and big ways.

If you’ll join me, I’d love to set up a short interview with you.

You get to pick a story, a situation, a circumstance, a brokenness, a valley in your life.

And I’ll ask you to tell us about that time, about how it felt, and most importantly, where God met you.

This isn’t going to be easy, but I believe that it will be worth it.

For you and for everyone that hears it.

Then I’ll ask you to share about a word or phrase from scripture or a song or a quote or a friend – whatever it was, share the word or phrase that you knew was from God.

And share about the power it had to move and transform you, your heart, your mind, your belief, whatever.

From there, I’ll create some symbolic artwork to go with the word or phrase, integrate your story into a podcast episode and share it with the world. We can collaborate on how that will work or you can leave it all up to me.

I just want to create a space for you to be you and let God be God without needing to perform or produce.

I hope you’ll join me.

Are you in?

Let's Do It