Strengthen & Deepen Your Life In Christ

– Quit drifting • Stay surrendered • Live passionately  –

Every Christian wants to live with hope and purpose, but our connection to God can get lost amongst the noise. This drift is frustrating. But we fight to stay the course, thriving in the dynamic life God gave us through Christ, our King.

Fix these words of mine

in your hearts & minds;

tie them as symbols…

Deuteronomy 11:18 (NIV)

how does tie them as symbols help?

Discover new facets

Discover and digest words & phrases through the podcast.

Remember through symbols

Tie reminders of who we are in Christ with symbolic designs.

Build your testimony

Speak out loud of how God works in your life for His glory.

The Devotional Podcast

The Freebies


Stay informed & get free printable PDFs
and wallpapers with each episode.

The Shirts

for each episode, we print the symbolic reminder.

You can purchase shirts on the TTAS threadless store, just click below.

Every episode, I design artwork to help us out as a reminder. Stay connected on the email list above to be notified when new episodes come out.  Season 2 is currently in production.  Until then, shirts from past episodes are available on

About Me

Kurt Libby

Kurt Libby

Pastor, Podcaster, Designer, Author

My name is Kurt. I’m a pastor in northern California. This project has a history of it’s own, but my mission in life remains consistent with this project and every project that I get involved in. If you’d like more info about my projects, there are links to each on I am usually fairly active on twitter. If you’ve got any questions, insights, or ideas, I’d love for you to reach out.misterlib-mission

I am creating surprisingly beautiful and beneficial things. When the idea for these designs and stories finally evolved into what is now this podcast, I wasn’t sure what it would be.  I just keep chasing down the spark in me the that sends me down all kinds of roads.  This road landed me at creating designs and a podcast. The process is always messier than the product, but that’s kind of how I work.

I’ve got an incredible family. They are everything I could have hoped for. My church where I work, OroNaz, has always been outward focused on being good news to our community. I am so grateful for their support as we start new projects and do the creative things that God has put inside us to encourage people and help them live into the Kingdom.